Koncert : Yoshitake Expe

Počas svojho koncertného Tour sa zastaví aj v Štiavnici, nenechajte si újsť tento formatívny zážitok.

odporúčaný príspevok: 4€

Projekt Eleuzína z verejných zdrojov podporil Fond na podporu umenia, ktorý zároveň jeho hlavným partnerom.

YOSHITAKE EXPE is an extraordinary guitarist from the city of Osaka , Japan whose backbone can be found in a Funk Band in the 90s accompanied by American musicians.

With the use of numerous compact effectors he has established a unique Space guitar sound whilst processing sound with a story-like flow like that of a DJ with influences found in P-funk , Electro Techno , with a Brian Eno vibe and sensibility of Brazilian music , at times playing the guitar percussively creating improvised robotic house music , at times playing a sensual guitar solo , but at times very organic with a soothing acoustic sound and is guaranteed to take you on a space odyssey.

He has collaborated with varying types of artists from visual artists and painters , avant-garde , improvisational , jazz , techno , hip-hop , world music , music for film and soundtracks and is also highly regarded as a club DJ and continues to expand his musical horizon . He has also held an exhibition of sound installations accompanied with a 100 hour performance in art museums.

recommended donation: 4€

Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council

Miesto konania
KC Eleuzína, Horná ružová 1, Banská Štiavnica