Elizabete Balčus /LAT/

Elizabete Balčus je lotyšská performerka s mimozemským hlasom premiešaným flautou a elektronikou. Jej šou je silne audiovizuálna. Okrem syntetizátora hrá aj na ozajstnú zeleninu.
Jej produkcia je kolážou melodických a experimentálnych tónov; neo-psychadelickým dream-popom.

Unearthly voice, flute, electronics with an avant-garde hat. making eclectic, collage type compositions and audio-visual performances. plays real vegetables as a synthesizer.
Elizabete Balčus is a Latvian musician and performance artist who creates neo-psychedelic dream pop from surprising, collaged, genre juxtapositions that is simultaneously melodic and experimental. Anything is permitted in her musical cosmos: looping flute and voice, clicking electro pop beats and playing fruits as a synthesizer as well, leaving the listener in a blissed out trance like state, somewhere between the waking and sleeping. Live performance engage the audience with a psychedelic and theatrical situation that is as befuddling as it is mesmerizing.

Miesto konania
KC Eleuzína, Horná ružová 1, Banská Štiavnica