Town Hall and the statue of the Virgin Mary

The Town Hall is located in the town centre; its high tower is visible from a long distance. Town council has been working in there for more than 600 years. The building of the Town Hall is linked with two wonders of Štiavnica: entry to the Town Hall from the back side and interchanged hands of the tower clock. At the entrance to the town hall there is a plaque commemorating the recording of Banská Štiavnica in the UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

Originally a ground Gothic house of the 14th century was rebuilt in 1488 to a storey house. Inside the Town Hall there is a Baroque fresco painting on the ceiling, representing justice. In the basement there used to be a town prison.

Only a short time ago it was discovered that the chapel of St. Anna was part of it as well. It was discovered only by accident, when an electrician discovered a painting of a consecration cross while changing a broken socket. This cross can be found only at places of worship in chapels. A half an hour lasting repair has not been finished since that, as beautiful Gothic windows, a portal, spiral staircase and remains of arches and wall paintings have been discovered under plaster layers. According to researches, the chapel of St. Anna was built additionally to the building in the beginning of the 16th century.

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