Cemeteries in Štiavnica

The first of Štiavnica’s cemeteries was near a church in what is now Starý zámok castle (Old Castle) area. When its capacity was ceasing to be sufficient and the church needed to be fortified, an ossuary was built where bones from cemeteries were moved. The ossuary, now without the remains, stands to this day. Today, there are 12 cemeteries in Štiavnica – Protestant, Catholic, and one Jewish. The cemeteries situated on the outskirts of the city are a place of rest of professors, scholars from the mining industry, metallurgy, mineral processing, forestry and natural sciences, writers and intellectuals, personages of social, cultural and political life of the town. Very interesting cemeteries at Zvonový vŕšok (Bell hill), with their architecturally valuable belfrys, are subject to research so as to design their landscaping. The Jewish Cemetery near Nový zámok castle (New Castle) has recently been renovated; its chapel Ciduk hadin can be seen, with its oriental-looking roof, from afar.

Cemeteries of the greatest historical importance include:
Frauenberg cemetery
Protestant cemetery above Klopačka, with a grave of Marína Pischlová
Cemetary behind the Piarska gate – Panský cemetery
Lazaret cemetery,
Cemetery below the New castle
Zvonový vŕšok cemeteries,
Jewish cemetery,
Cemeteries in the town district Štefultov.