Mining Museum – open-air museum

Open Air Mining Museum (mining outdoor museum) is an exhibition on the surface and underground. Exhibition on the surface presents mining buildings and equipment moved here from various regions of Slovakia, educational geological exhibition and exhibition of quarrying and mining machines.

Going down the Bartolomej shaft is still the most attractive. Dressed in a mining mantel, with a helmet and a lantern you will experience the conditions in which miners used to mine here long time ago. The tour will allow visitors learn more about mining tours of 17th-19th century, as well as mining tools and equipment. The most precious exhibit is underground equipment called “gápeľ”, which has been driven by horses and comes from the late 19th century. It reminds us of times when groundwater used to be drained by two thousand horses and as many people. It is the only equipment like this preserved in Slovakia.

Museum, being one of the most attractive and visited in the region, can be found approximately 1.5 km from the town, in direction to Levice. The exhibition in the museum takes about 1.5 hour. Even when visiting during hot summer, do not forget to wear a jacket or a jumper and solid shoes.

Opening hours

January – February


March, April, November, December


May, June, September, October


July – August


Admission Prices

2,50 €5 €12 €




Phone+421 45 691 29 71
E-Mail[email protected]

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