Kammerhof – mining in Slovakia

Kammerhof, meaning Court of Exchequer Chamber is the biggest building complex in the historic town. It is a place of exhibit depicting the history of mining in the Štiavnica Mountains as well as the mining in Slovakia. Visitors will find here working models of machines, demonstrating the ways of mining and draining water in the past. It also keeps laboratory equipment. Here you will learn more about famous Mining Academy. Dielničky (Little Workshops) for children, recommended for families with kids, also take place here.

Kammerhof aroused in mid-16th century by rebuilding several burgher houses. This gave rise to an impressive structure on which we can observe elements of all architectural styles.

From the late 16th century it had been serving as a mining Court of Exchequer chamber and the seat of economic-count office administering mines, foundries and mints in today’s central Slovakia. Even before that, however, it was the place of an ore testing room for determining its content and value.
Here was urbura – a part of the extracted ore – collected for the ruler, too. In times of the Ottoman-Turkish danger, Kammerhof was an important part of the town’s fortification of which a well-preserved bastion reminds.

There is a precious former Jesuit chapel with a Renaissance portal. Two Renaissance bastions stand in the rear part of the building. The upper courtyard is crossed by the “Meridian of Štiavnica” marked by a stone under Renaissance loggia.

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