Hodruša – Hámre

More than 47 tons of gold and 2.5 tons of silver were extracted in the mines of Hodruša. Still, overshadowed by Banská Štiavnica, it has never developed into a town. Instead of luxurious houses and great squares only mining shacks scattered on the steep hillsides and many mining and technical monuments can be found here.

The underground in 700-year-old mine of Starovšechsvätí guarantees an authentic mining experience. Internet pathway with QR codes will guide you through mining shacks. Mining Knocking Tower “Klopačka” hides hand-forged clockwork of 18th century and The Church of Svätý Mikuláš (St. Nicolas Church) is worth visiting as well.
In summer, artificial water reservoirs “tajchy” attracts visitors by their pleasant refreshment. Active people are offered local hiking trails and mountain bike trails “Bike to tajch”.The surroundings here are beautiful in spring and autumn. In winter you can ski or do cross-country skiing in Slamandra resort.


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