Hereditary Mining Tunnel Glanzenberg

Portál štôlne GlanzenbergGlanzenberg, meaning Sparkling Hill, isn’t just the name of a hill above the town.It’s also the name of a hereditary mining tunnel – one of the oldest in the Banská Štiavnica region.Hereditary mining tunnels were used for draining the tunnels. They were called “hereditary”, because they had been built by several generations of miners. The longest one was about 16 km long. For many years it used to be the longest underground tunnel of Europe.

Hereditary mining tunnel Glanzenberg, drilled just several meters under the main road, got famous because of numerous rulers and emperors of Vienna court who had visited it. Plaques in their honour were installed in the tunnel. One of its interesting features includes “imperial staircase” carved in stone.

The mouth of the tunnel Glanzenberg can be found at a little park and the pension Kachelman in Kammerhofská street. Before you enter, museologists will equip you with a mantle, helmet and a torch.