Berggericht – mineralogic exposition

The building of Berggericht with a rich history hides a valuable Mineralogical exhibition with more than four hundred minerals from the whole world. A short (75 m) and readily accessible mining tunnel Štôlňa Michal leads to its internal yard. The tunnel Michal is a good option in case of a short stay or families with children. Information centre can be found on the ground floor of the building.

In the late 15th century, two stone townhouses used to stand at the place of today’s building placed in the north of Námesie sv. Trojice (Holy Trinity Square). They belonged to rich miners and a huge room for making business and a large open yard with a well under the gates used to be there. During the Renaissance period, in the late 16th century, the houses were united and joined by street structures.  A circular storey bay window used to stand on one of the corner columns. Until late 17th century the building had belonged to a famous family of Baron Johann Gottfried Hellenbach – one of the richest inhabitants of the Kingdom of Hungary. He was a doctor, the supporter of Francis II Rákóczi, the owner of mines, brew houses, houses and large premises in several regions of Slovakia. He served as a main count for finances and economy and he was a leader of the regional Lutherans, as well. In the late 18th century the house became the seat of the most important mining judicial institution – Mining District Court. This is where its name “Berggericht” comes from. The building had been used by Mining Academy since 1860. It used to be the place of lecture halls, a library, mineralogical collections and even the flat of the Professor of Geology and Mineralogy.

Opening hours

May – September


October – April


Admission Prices

1,50 €2,50 €6,50 €






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