Underground adventure

Do you want to experience how people used to “do mining”? There are several options, as below the town’s surface there are kilometres of mining tunnels drilled through the ground like Emmental.

In the very centre, in the courtyard of the Tourist Information Centre, there is a short section of Michal mining tunnel available for visitors. Even children will make it. Going through the section doesn’t take more than 10 minutes.

Open-air mining museum can be found not far outside the town, on the way to Levice. There are also exhibitions about mining and geology with mining buildings above ground. Visiting Bartolomej mining tunnel is one of the most popular attractions. In this outdoor museum, you will be dressed into a mantel, given a helmet, a torch and hooray to the mining adventure! Even if it’s hot summer, don’t forget warm clothes; it is quite cold in there. The visit takes approximately 1.5 hours. Don’t wait in vain – inform on the entrance times in advance. You will get to Bartolomej on foot in approximately 20 minutes.

The mouth of Glanzenberg mining tunnel is situated right in the town centre. It became famous thanks to many rulers and important personalities who had visited it. Plaques in their honour were installed in the tunnel. It has also seen imperial visits from the Viennese court going down to it. We recommend visiting the tunnel with children above 7 years of age. Before you enter, museologists will equip you with a mantle, helmet, torch and rubber boots.

The outdoor museum at the mine of Starovšechsvätí in Hodruša-Hámre also provides a possibility to visit an old authentic minint tunnel – kresanica. The visit has to be agreed in advance, but it’s worth it