Svätý Anton

The municipality of Svätý Anton lies on the south of Banská Štiavnica, in the area included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List. It is rich in cultural and historical monuments. The municipality is popular mainly thanks to the elegant manor house.


The municipality of Svätý Anton is part of the Štiavnica Mountains protected landscape. It offers many options of active as well as passive leisure time spending.

Manor House and the Park in Svätý Anton

This area is known mainly for the Baroque-Classicistic manor house, definitely one of the most beautiful in Slovakia. Interiors with original furnishing, paintings and artisanship were brought here from Europe and Asia by original owners. Zlatý salon (Golden Saloon), given by Maria Theresa to her daughter Marie Antoinette, was purchased at an auction in Paris.

Hunting exhibition in the manor house demonstrates the natural treasures of the surrounding forests. Children will definitely like stuffed animals which cannot be seen freely in nature anymore.

If the weather is fine, don’t miss relaxation amid the beautiful park by the manor house. There you will find many rare trees – from old chestnut alley up to sentimental and dendrologic parergon and a collection of conifers. The beauty of the park is underlined by elements of small architecture, a waterfall and a pond.


Visiting the museum and the historical park is a refreshing experience, but it also pays to visit wonderful cultural events and festivals. Traditions are kept in Svätý Anton all year long.

Hajnal and Starý Hostinec inn

Hajnal is a genuine carnival festivity with incredible masks. You can taste the local flavours in Starý hostinec inn.