AMPLIFIER Festival – New Cabaret & Street Art ®

AMPLIFIER Festival – New Cabaret & Street Art ® / 6th annual edition
Festival of new cabaret theatre forms and live street performances

September  23th –  September 26th 2021
The centrum of BANSKÁ ŠTIAVNICA and the periphery

At the end of gosammer, enjoy 3 days filled with the best Slovak and international cabaret and street art performances. Finish this year’s wonderful autumn enriched with remarkable experiences and first-class entertainment in UNESCO city.

Festival AMPLIFIER – New Cabaret & Street Art is an international, multi-genre festival full of theatre, music, dance, visual art and literature. At the end of summer, it injects life into the streets of the atmospheric town of Banská Štiavnica and fills every nook and cranny with the best of both Slovak and international art.


Cabaret is not dead, it is alive! The only difference is that it shrugged off everything old and clumsy from its shoulders in order to stand on stage in a new, modern costume. Meet the New Cabaret! This new one also entertains its viewers via spoken word, dance, song, artistic numbers and other formats. However, it boldly transcends the boundaries of these genres, sometimes even erasing them and pushing them into new territory. This kind of cabaret entertains us, and we offer this kind of  cabaret to our viewers.


From the street to the theatre, from the theatre to the street. During AMPLIFIER, the streets of Banská Štiavnica truly come alive! They come alive with many happenings, street performances and productions of international artists, art installations, dance, as well as music. We believe that art should not be confined to the walls of theatres. It should boldly visit its viewers and communicate with them in their natural habitat. In this spirit, we give art the opportunity to do so.


The festival was born from the need to support the freedom of artistic expression in the contemporary Slovak society. That is achieved in the way that is the closest to us – action art. We offer our viewers street happenings, interactive performances and discussions on current topics with one main goal – to inspire them to think critically and to spark an interest in social responsibility within them.