Days of Abundance Under Sitno (Podsitnianske dni hojnosti) and Drayman Race

If you want to experience a unique atmosphere of Štiavnica’s countryside, these events are the right choice for you.
Folk festival – Days of Abundance Under Sitno (Podsitnianske dni hojnosti) will welcome you with it’s family atmosphere. You will be able to enjoy outstanding folk music, see traditional craftsmen at work (pottery, weaving, bobbin lace work, jewel-making, woodcrafting…).
You can taste special traditional meals (home-made bread baked in stone oven, regional flat bread with or without various fillings or garlic (podymníky and osúchy), yeast cakes, crackling scones (pagáče), salty potato pancakes (lokše), jam buns, small potato dumplings (šúľance), pasta-like meal of flour called párance, etc… You can also try venison goulash soup, home-made grilled sausages, roasted pork or tasty home-made pálenka (traditional fruit brandy). Days of Abundance Under Sitno takes place in mid-June.

Daryman Race – the competition of draught-horses working with wood – is very unique. Competition consists of three disciplines – slalom, handling wood, force competition in pairs. The race ends with the the competition for “The most beautiful couple”, which is decided by the participants’ votes. The event is organized on the first Saturday in May by Baďan village in cooperation with the family of Jozef Bajnok.

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