Wellness in hotels

The SITNO hotel is a contemporary three-star congress-wellness-spa hotel situated in a picturesque neighbourhood of Vyhne municipality. The hotel has been reconstructed extensively and currently offers wellness and spa services besides others.

Moreover, your body can enjoy perfect and undisturbed peace in the Hotel Grand-Matej wellness spas. In the exclusive premises of the hotel wellness spa, Finnish sauna, wading pool and whirlpool with salty water of unique composition enough for 8 people and well-equipped minibar are all available for you. The spas provide massages of various types as well.

The Salamandra Hotel is situated amid modern ski Salamandra Resort in a lovely natural surroundings of the Štiavnica Mountains. If you stay at the hotel, you can try massage by hydro-massage jets in the pool or you can relax in hotel steam or Finnish sauna. If you stay at the hotel with your little offsprings, they can have fun on a pool slide.