Horseriding, fishing and other

The region provides good conditions for fishing, horseback riding and staying on farms. Several water reservoirs (tajchs) are fishing grounds mostly with carps and trouts. They are also populated by other fish, such as crucian carps, tench, perch, pike, zander, whitefish, grass carp, brown trout, eel and bream.

Most fish are caught by fishermen on Kolpachy in Banský Studenec. There are also capital fish in Vindšachta, where competitions take place. Otherwise the fishermen can fish in a “Catch and let go” mode. If you do not have local fishing permits, you can buy it in the pension Villa Vážka, just below the dam of Vindšachtský reservoir.

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If you love looking at the world from a horseback, there are several possibilities of agro-tourism, hipotherapy and animotherapy. You can visit for example Ranč Bôra in Podhorie, children farm Gazdáčik in Banská Belá, Ranč Nádej in Svätý Anton, farmstead Za vrchmi behind Prečov and the bio-farm Počúvadlo. Activities with horses are suitable for physically disabled children. Visitors have to book in the farms in advance.