To Klinger reservoir

For years, Klinger has been one of the most popular strolling points. Behind the Piarg Gate, the pathway leads steeply up the hill along the Protestant cemetery and enters the woods at the nearest crossroad. The forest tunnel will lead you all the way to Klinger.

The trail does not end at the reservoir. Cross the dam and you can walk on a small pathway toward asphalt road. This will take you to an old mining village, Horná Roveň, in about half an hour of a comfortable ascend. Your reward for the effort will be the view of the area that once in an ancient geologic era was the Štiavnica Stratovolcano, and of Sitno Hill on the right. A small pathway along the football field will lead you toward Roveň’s Calvary. Right under Klinger, in around 5 minutes, the Open-Air Mining Museum is situated.