Water Management trail of Piarg

This trail informs its visitors about the group of Piarg water reservoirs that used to be the heart of entire mining water management system. The trail leads along the water reservoirs, water tunnels, supply and collect ditches and 17 information panels informing about the history of creation of the entire system and individual tajchs.

The Water Management trail of Piarg begins at the Veľké Richňavské lake dam, following the main Richňava water ditch, the water mining tunnel of Hodruša, to the highest point of the route at the information panel no. 4 with spectacular views of the Vindšachta tajchs. The path leads over Bakomi tajch along the system of mining ditches, almost to Počúvadlo tajch. This easy trail has two variants – the long one (15 km) and the short one (10 km), both with minimum elevation.

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