Educational trail on Piarg tajchs ecology

Five stops of the trail will inform you about biological life in water reservoirs Richňava, Bakomi, Krechsengrund, Veľká Vindšachta and Evička. Its length is 4.5 km. It starts at the main dam of reservoir Veľká Richňava tajch and ends at the campsite above water reservoir Evička. It can be completed in 2-3 hours. The highest point of the trail is the Pleso saddle (775). If the weather is good, it offers beautiful views of Vinšachta tajchs. The lowest point of the trail is the stop no. 4 (above Evička) with an altitude of 685 m a. s. l.

The trail continues from Richňava by the main water ditch of Richňava to Hodruša water tunnel. From here it escalates up to the highest point of the route – the Pleso saddle. Then it descends and connects to the upper feeder ditch of Piarg, which will take you to the mining tunnel Horná Bakomi. There it continues along the ditch of Horný Dekýš and on an unpaved forest road to Bakomi tajch and then to Veľká Vindšachta tajch. It crosses the state road linking Banská Štiavnica and Levice.
The route ends near the campsite above Evička water reservoir.

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