The trail of Andrej Kmeť

The trail of Andrej Kmeť links Prenčov, where Kmeť served as pastor, and Bzenica, where he was born. Its attractions include a thermal spring and the nearby ruins of Revište castle.

The blue marked trail starts at the memorial room of Andrej Kmeť in the village of Prenčov. Through Horné Majere and Vlčia jama leads to the top of Sitno Hil. There are information panels in this area. The trail is 9 km long, its elevation gain is 684 m and it can be completed in 3 hours. Some of the 9 information panels cannot be found.

It continues from Sitno to the Krížna saddle, further to th Pecina saddle, the ridge of the Štiavnické Mountains and through the Tanád and Paradajs hills to the Červená Studňa saddle. The northern part of the trail passes through the hamlets of Hadová and Rumplovská around the Kešnerovská chapel. The trail end leads to a natural monument Vyhnianský travertine in Vyhne village and from there it leads to an asphalt road to Bzenica.

You can finish the hike in the thermal spa in Vyhne, or you can follow a green mark to the SAD platform near a brewery, which will take you to a unique natural phenomenon known as Kamenné more (Rocky Sea).

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