Mountain cycling routes

The Štiavnica Mountains countryside hides more than 250 km of routes across forest slopes and paths. Here you will find trails for each age and performance category.

The system of Štiavnica cycling trails comprises three areas:  Hudrušská area, Vyhnianska area and Belianska area. In each areas, there are several circuits mutually interconnected by linking roads. Thanks to this you can combine the trails or get to the places of nice views and monuments.

The trails are off main roads and they are marked by painted symbols “C” in the area. Direction labels and guideboards can be found at the places of orientation. You can get printed maps of the trails in Tourist Information Centre of Štiavnica.

If you are a beginner or have a family with kids, so-called “Family Zone” is good for you. It includes Kopanická osmička (The Eight of Kopanica) and Hellov okruh (The Circuit of Hell). These trails are safe and nearly without rising.

NameDesignationLenght kmTimeElevation (m)ConditionTechnic
Hodrušská oblasť
Veľký Hodrušský okruhC41,34 hod1034******
Malý Hodrušský okruhC18,42 hod773*****
Mikovíniho zel. jazdaC39,33 hod572****
Hellov okruh262 hod303**
Kopanická osmička9,91 hod269**
Lillova HamovačkaC4,845 min80***
Spojka LukavicaC4,630 min240***
Kopanická spojka C3,530 min297***
Hodrušská spojkaC445 min384*****
 Jelšovská spojkaC1,820 min165****
 Belianska oblasť
 Beliansky okruhC16,52 hod379****
 Okruh MasarykC15,32 hod487****
 Spojka GastorneC5,4845 min345****
 Spojka KoláričkaC1,5520 min52**
 Vyhnianska oblasť
 Vyhniansky okruhC22,43 hod797*****
 Pivovarský okruhC12,42 hod524****
 Bolemanova trasaC142 hod670***
 Hájska spojkaC0,265 min3**
 Kamenná spojkaC1,115 min59***
 Hradská spojkaC1,315 min63***
 Spojka GoldbergC0,7315 min96***
 Spojka HrôbkyC1,930 min179***
Štiavnická oblasť
Vodárenská spojkaC3,135 min41****
Štiavnická AnčaC12,31 hod85****